Melbourne is still striving to become a world-class cycling city. Is our fear of riding holding us back or is it genuinely unsafe on the roads? A lack of safety is the major barrier to people getting on their bikes. How safe, or unsafe, it feels to ride a bicycle has an impact on people’s willingness to ride.

Central to this project was a new CrowdSpot map, which officially launched on 14 February 2016 at the Sustainable Living Festival and closed on Saturday 30 April 2016.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the map. We are now analysing all the data and delivering the information to our Government Partners. Please subscribe to the project (above) to receive updated on the results.

The Map

People were invited to ‘Add a Spot’ at locations where they feel 'safe' or 'unsafe' riding a bicycle. The data collected will help understand the perception of riding risk and inform future bicycle planning decisions.

To open the map either click on the button below or the image of the map.


The BikeSpot project is a collaboration, enabled by a TAC Community Road Safety Grant, between The Squeaky Wheel and CrowdSpot to further understand the bicycle riding community’s perceived level of safety compared to historical crashes at locations across Melbourne. Specifically, the project aims to identify locations where:

  • There are high perceptions of risk and low historical crashes
  • There are low perceptions of risk and high historical crashes

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